Finally you have your long-awaited interview with the company you are interested in. It goes without saying that you are worried about your outfit, your hairstyle, your accessories and also your nails. Because a well-groomed appearance goes down well and makes a great first impression. But which nail polish colour is appropriate if you are in an important meeting or introduce yourself to a company? With the following five nail polish colours, your chances of success at an interview are rather low. Read more about under eye bags treatment for more info.

These 5 nail polish colours are absolute no go’s at job interviews.


You love red nails and are used to your nails shining seductively in Bordeaux or carmine red? Nevertheless, try to be more discreet at important professional meetings or job interviews. Many people find red nails sexy rather than serious.


Green, yellow or blue are your favourite colours? But please not as nail polish. Because these nail polish colours are too conspicuous and distract especially in an interview from the essential.

By the way, this also applies if you introduce yourself in a hip startup company or at a hip hairdresser. Because even if the company sets trends and is looking for young employees, it is always better not to go straight to the top during the job interview.


The metallic nail polish look is super trendy and should not be missing in your cosmetic cabinet? Nevertheless, you should leave out the metallic effect at an interview. Because metallic nails are more of an accessory that you can wear to a party. In an important job interview you seem rather dubious.

A black nail polish color is also a no go in an interview. Because with black nails you look dark and unapproachable. But it’s better for a boss to be an open and communicative person. So it’s better to avoid dark nail polish colours.


Even very long gel nails are not very welcome in an interview. Even if you choose a discreet nail polish colour for your long nails, these nails will make you look rather clumsy. Because even if you’re introducing yourself for an office job, bosses want the feeling that you can help. With nails that are too long, this is not necessarily possible.

These nail polish colours are perfect for job interviews

When you’re interviewing, the most important thing is to appear well-groomed. Clothes, hair and shoes must look clean and tidy. Also the nails have to be neat, clean and manicured.

Therefore it is all the more important that you file your nails into a beautiful, short form before an interview, take care of the cuticle and smooth the grooves on the surface of your nails with a file. You can then round this off with a clear nail polish. If you like it a bit more colourful, pink or nude tones are the ideal nail polish colours for an interview. You are on the safe side and can present yourself confidently and well-groomed.

Tips for Sports Fitness

Plays sport

Find a sport that you really enjoy and where you don’t find it difficult to motivate yourself. No matter what it is. Volleyball, tennis, squash, jogging or gym.
Do sports for the fun of it and you get fitter, more self-confident and more attractive.

A balanced diet

Watch out for plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. Avoid finished products (pizza etc.), everything that contains flavour enhancers and preservatives and reduce sugar and white flour (e.g. toast, white bread, kebab bread, pizza and pasta).

Eats freshly prepared vegetables, high quality meat or fish with wild rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes or salad. The main thing is that the products are untreated and fresh. It doesn’t always have to be organic and it doesn’t always have to be perfect.

Drink enough water

Without enough water, we become tired and lose energy. The body switches to economy mode to reduce water consumption. 2-3 liters of mineral water daily work better than any anti-ageing cream because the skin is supplied with enough moisture from the inside.

Just try the following test: grasp a small part of your skin with your thumb and index finger (for example at the back of your hand), pull it up and let it go again. If the skin immediately rebounds, you drink enough. If not, you should change that as soon as possible. It is best to drink liquid throughout the day.


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