Visio from Microsoft can create diagrams and present complex facts in a graphically understandable way. The manufacturer promises a lot: no matter whether a flow chart is to be created for a process or a complex IT network is to be mapped, Visio is always helpful to make work easier with just a few mouse clicks. Visio can also be used to draw floor plans and construction plans. The tool is just as suitable for the visualization of business data as it is for the representation of technical systems in flowcharts.


Numerous templates and standardized templates are available to the user, which are grouped together in so-called libraries and sorted according to industries and possible application areas. The different options for design and effects make the diagrams look professional and contemporary. Even small videos can be created with Visio and more tips here can be seen.

Thanks to the link options, data can be imported directly from other programs or your own databases and processed in Visio. Creating diagrams and plans, adding color, text, and other effects, merging drawing elements (called shapes) into flowcharts, and analyzing data are just a few of Visio’s applications.

Other features include data exchange between shapes and databases, cost calculation per cost center, and automatic list generation from organizational charts.


A real Visio advantage for power users is that many functions can be programmed later. This is of particular benefit to companies with very individual requirements. MS Visio can be used here very specifically and is a real treasure trove. However, choosing the right version in advance is an important step. Visio Standard 2016, for example, offers a quick introduction to diagram creation and convinces with an Office-like user interface.


To create professional diagrams quickly and have a wide range of templates and shapes available that comply with industry standards such as BPMN 2.0, UML 2.4, IEEE and Windows Workflow 4.0, Visio Professional 2016 is needed. This version is also necessary for data links and allows you to work simultaneously on the same diagram from multiple workstations without having to worry about version control.

You will see there who is working on different parts of the chart, and everyone will be notified of changes made by others. In addition, the Professional version provides secure diagrams with Microsoft file protection technologies such as permanent IRM (Information Rights Management) protection.

Visio Pro for Office 365, Visio’s all-in-one solution, also takes advantage of Office 365, including multiple PC per user installation, application roaming support, and automatically installed security and feature updates.


The Visio community helps to generate work and decision bases for a larger circle of users. The user does not even have to have Visio on his computer to do this: Visio makes it possible to export and save diagrams in different graphic formats. With SharePoint, Microsoft even offers a tool that saves you the trouble of exporting: With the help of SharePoint, the user can view Visio files directly, but it is not possible to change them there.

On the way to becoming a Visio Power User, the community is there to help all newcomers. On its product pages, manufacturer Microsoft offers direct links to numerous experts and IT companies that offer support solutions for Visio. They provide support during the first steps in the new program as well as when it comes to advanced individual solutions. If you would like more in-depth information, then you should also take a look at the Visio Blog.

Screenshot of the office product MS Visio

Since it usually has to go fast during work and time is pressing, it is worth taking a look at the FB page. Microsoft will answer all your questions quickly and give you helpful tips.

Microsoft has introduced an update for the Visio Online web application. With this update, the developers will end the public preview phase and make the application, which is used to easily create diagrams to visualize processes, available to almost all existing Office 365 users in the company.

A new feature is the commenting of documents. However, diagrams still cannot be edited – this still requires the desktop suite.

The company has also introduced a new JavaScript API. Developers can use it to embed Visio documents directly into SharePoint pages. In doing so, they can use the online version of the program. The diagram itself is saved in SharePoint and displayed in an iFrame. In the future, designers will also be able to use the Visio Online API for their own pages.


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